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Please give us our bus back! Parents scramble to make alternative arrangements to get children to school at Ormiston Sudbury (Suffolk Free Press) 

Some people on one side of the road pay, whilst others go free. Our concerns go national. (The Guardian) 

 We'd like to say 'sense prevailed' at Suffolk County Council, but instead they ploughed resources into trying to say 'no'. But people power (from the village and way beyond) wins the day! (East Anglian Daily Times) 

'We don't elect councillors to set challenges for 11 yr old children'. Too true. And why this campaign exists (East Anglian Daily Times) 

Cllr Jones says there are lessons to be learned. Given the answers to these questions from the EADT, we're not holding our breath (East Anglian Daily Times) 

Should parents REALLY have to move house just to get their children to school? (ITV news)  

Aspects of the policy causing most turmoil and stress could be changed overnight, if only the council would listen  

Finally spare seats are being allocated. But in a way that is just adding to the chaos and stress for families  BBC Look East late news coverage 27th August - starts 3'57 in.   

Nearly 500 families STILL waiting to hear how their children will get to school next week (East Anglian Daily Times)

Two weeks to go, and 940 pupils still don't know how they will be getting to school (East Anglian Daily Times) 

Parents still waiting - the system at Suffolk County Council just cant' cope with the new policy 

Suffolk County Council just assumes parents have the money to pay  (Suffolk Free Press)

'The world isn't safe' - unsafe walking routes to Lowestoft (Eastern Daily Press)

Another unsafe walking route - Great Waldingfield 

Suffolk still say 'no' even when a child has special needs (Bury Free Press)

Walking routes in East Bergholt (ITV news)

Yet another split village: Elmswell (Bury Free Press)

Boxford: a village now split THREE ways (East Anglian Daily Times)

Nayland: a split village [East Anglian Daily Times]

The school transport consultation: Did they listen? [Ipswich Star]

A footpath, or a mudbath? The proposed route to school in Haverhill  (BBC News)

Parents responding to consultation accurately predict the problems associated with abandoning school catchments (East Anglian Daily Times)